Music for peace works with different tools, all of them with the purpose of raising funds for sponsorship of the causes that we are part. concerts, events, music downloads, artist creating songs for peace, music videos for social media campaigns.

For our music download process, people can donate from $5 and this will give them the opportunity to support one of our causes and also they will be able to download music from our catalog. You’d imagine what would happen if thousand of users visiting MYOP donate $5 to at least one of our causes, the possibilities of collecting and providing help to others will be multiplied by 10. This will be 10 times more children and adolescents with the possibility of studying, develop and becoming productive and visionaries citizens.

On our site you can find the catalog of Music for Peace, we are constantly growing. Every week you will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy more hours of music from hundreds of artist who are joining MYOP.

25 years ago the peace agreement marking the end of a conflict that claimed thousands of lives were signed, 25 years later, they are a reminder of the ability we have to make big decisions for the common good. Read More

Venezuela is a land of hearts and songs, talk about Venezuela these days wrinkles the soul to millions throughout the world, because in every corner there is a Venezuelan who has left his country as a result of the vast shortage of first need inputs. Read More

Our hands on the plow. MYOP currently drives the campaign People Full of Life, which has taken on the task of raising funds for children and young people who face situations of disability in El Salvador. Thank you for El Salvador to continue filling with life! Read More

We have established the movement “Uniting for the Planet” that through music has organized and grouped at different institutions to work for the creation of a civic consciousness that requires the establishment of policies that protect and promote the environment and sustainable development the region. Read More


MYOP has raised funds to promote human causes that are contributing to build a different world. Here we mentions some of the causes we have helped.

Hospital voluntary actions

San Marcos Foundations

Anticancer society

San Efren Foundation

Altogether a total of $176,367 was achieved.

Achievements like this are the ones that motivate us to continue pursuing new goals and joining more causes, fulfilling our mission with immense commitment and high values.


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