The local theater finally shows us how the cards have been put on the table regarding the issue of gangs, that chimera that has given so much fame to the country through international news.

The Azoro is not the first theater company in the continent that has addressed the issue of gangs. Alborde Teatro did it in Mexico with “La Mara or the night without sleep” and Clash Culture presented in the United States the play “Placas, the most dangerous tattoo”. Now the Salvadoran dramaturgy makes a staging in this regard. The experience is annoying, uncomfortable, but necessary.

The assembly is simple, unpretentious, but sufficient and well thought out. In itself, the richness of the scenic construction lies in the symbolism, cultural and also conjunctural referents that – judging by the obvious reactions of the public – most of those present recognized immediately, referents with which we feel identified.


“El fenómeno”: un retrato de la violencia –

“El Fenómeno”: teatro minucioso, incómodo y contundente –

Un golpe de cruda realidad con la obra el fenómeno –