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Venezuela is a land of hearts and songs, talk about Venezuela these days wrinkles the soul to millions throughout the world, because in every corner there is a Venezuelan who has left his country as a result of the vast shortage of first need inputs. individuals, families and non-profit organizations require our support to provide a minimum quality of life among the pain in this country.

The Venezuela campaign begins with the initiative of the concert Venezuela is much more!, which was held in Miami on July 5,2015 and was broadcast live on TV Channel Televen in Venezuela. The motivation for the production of this great event was to assist and cooperate with Fe y Algeria raising funds through music, on this event we had big stars on stage such as Paloma San Basilio, Luis Enrrique, IIan Chester, SIUDI Garrido and Lena Burk among many others, with the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) directed by Maestro Eduardo Marturet. Dedication, perseverance and solidarity by the team, musicians and artist left an open path to continue the humanitarian work for Venezuela.

The song Venezuela composed by Alejandro Campos, Ender Thomas (Vocals) and Francisco Llanos comes from the inspiration and feeling of perceiving a country that is hidden by a cloud of major problems, which highlights the positive and inmense possibilities that Venezuela has to change their current situation.

Make Your Own Peace Foundation with the collaboration of World Music Group, aware of the need for support and solidarity that are increasingly required in Venezuela, designed this beautiful campaign to raise money for the cause Venezuela, facilitating the way to help and collaborate with the mere fact that people can see the video of the song on Youtube and share it on social media and also listening to the song on spotify.

In parallel the rising fund plan includes in one hand the sale of the song Venezuela on various digital platforms such as iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon e in Venezuela from where music can be dowloaded legally and the 90% net of the sale will go to the cause. Also on our website you can make your donation on a easy and simple way and in return you can download music from our catalog music for peace, in gratitude for your donation.









Project Rewards
$5 - $10
3 Songs of Peace Music
$25 - $50
10 Songs of Peace Music
$75 - $100
12 Songs of Peace Music