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People Full of Life

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We all have the conviction that the great challenges can be faced with determination and faith. The need of people with disabilities in El Salvador is enormous but their inmense passion for getting ahead is greater. that is why MYOP is committed to this cause, we are convinced that the world changes when we keep alive the expectations and those are the fuel that empower us to provide and deliver selfless work.

The campaign “People Full of Life” has the mission to raise more than $65,000 to benefit about 2,000 Salvadorans who although they are part of rehabilitation programs such as FUNTER they have not been able to access to a prothesis or renew the old ones they own, this is because the resources of these nongovernmental program are quite scarce. In their situation a prothesis represents the opportunity to continue studying, working and having a way to be a part of a social productive life, for them and their families.

After nearly two weeks of starting this campaign we are very grateful with all of you who have decided to be a part of it though your donations. And we want to invite all the “Peacemakers” that are reading us, to join us. Your donations will go directly for the purchase of protheses to be delivered to a list of Salvadorans in need of them. Thank you for helping us to keep on filling El Salvador with life!









Project Rewards
$5 - $10
3 Songs of Peace Music
$25 - $50
10 Songs of Peace Music
$75 - $100
12 Songs of Peace Music