We see a world enabled by PeaceMakers, where music and artists have given a source of motivation and power to the causes of freedom and peace.

We aim at helping every individual find peace within ourselves and our surroundings and MYOP is giving us the tools and the music to smile and achieve the wisdom and freedom we all deserve.


Sometimes all it takes is just one step to change everything.

  • Raise $500 million dollars in endowment funds for the foundation.


  • Develop a $100 million dollar a year non profit organization; via social network donations.


  • Attract new and recurring donors via social network platforms.
  • Develop a technological platform that empowers donors in deciding where, how, and to whom the donations go directly without middle man.


  • Become the social network provider of the non-profit organizations globally.


  • Establish strategic alliances with well-know causes


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      1. With a little help from my friends - Jon Secada

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