Next June 24 at the Fillmore in Miami Beach
A musical show never seen before with special guests.

“Venezuela Es Mucho Más” is a musical show in homage to Venezuela, to be held on June 24, 2017 with the presentation of singers and invited bands, as well as actors and personalities from the stage that will provide information, performances, images and humor highlight the “much more” of Venezuela.

It will be a unique show and of global conception that will allow us to travel through different spaces of Venezuela.

Singers and guest bands:

Frank Quintero, Elisa Rego, Invisible Friends, Jorge Luis Chacín, Pedro Castillo, Polito Brito, Julio Iglesias Jr., Louis Amanti, Michelle Sussete, Carolina O, more than 20 artists on stage with the Musical Direction of Alejandro Campos.

Venezuela is a diverse country with enormous resources. A country that cries for a better future for all and dreams of a united Venezuela. That Venezuela that is in the skin of its inhabitants and in the immense of its beautiful geography.

One of the aims of this cultural musical meeting is to make known the Venezuela of which we do not speak and which is not read in the news, because Venezuela is much more!

“Venezuela is Much More” in Miami, on Saturday, June 24, 2017 is produced by the Make Your Own Peace Foundation. Tickets are on sale at Tickemaster and at the Theater box office.